The WrightsI think I have the best life ever, not that I’m partial or anything! My name is Chris Wiens and I’ve been married to the only woman I want to be with for the rest of my life ~ 15 years and counting!

Together we have done many life altering and exhilarating activities, some of which involved living in the Amazon and traveling abroad, making a living as a lumberjack, making a transition into the non profit sector, and now designing and launching socially responsible enterprise.

I may at times may come across utopian but I really do believe I along with other awesome people can change the world one good decision at a time and that’s one of the many reasons we founded Just Right Recycling as a social cause business, along with Scrap Cars not kids and our Justice Bin Project.

We feel like we are joining and at times pioneering a movement of strategic planers who want to blend the things they love doing with world altering causes.

I should add while I’m introducing myself that I love motorsports, high octane fuels, and almost anything that is mechanically performance oriented. We have a cat named Bob, we live in Abbotsford BC, we are both licensed marriage commissioners and we love officiating weddings. We see Gods fingerprints all over the world and believe our best years are always in front of us, and we both own and ride motorcycles as often as we can.

So glad that we are roughly six months into this new venture and it’s going awesome!