Making a Difference“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

It’s a big world with many issues and yet there are still more people than any significant problems in the world.

On a global scale it’s easy to struggle with insignificance. What difference can one person make? Well that’s a good question and one I wish to weigh in on.

Why is the power of one is significant? We can easily underestimate the magnitude of one person choosing to do the right thing. Think about it, significant destructive forces have begun with one persons decision, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini… just to mention a few.

Yet, what about the power of one in the right direction? A Mother Teresa,
William Wilberforce, Rosa Parks… I know the sense when we talk about these fairly well known personalities. What chance do you and I have of becoming or doing what these hero’s have done?

Let us not forget that any great move of justice began in the privacy of someones mind. Someone who wasn’t willing to compromise the rights of all people and do something about it.

We make thousands of decisions each day, some seem insignificant yet in the grand picture the conduct and fabric of our society is the sum of many of these decisions. The decision to drive with caution through a school or park could be as effective a decision in helping save lives as donating to the work of an orphanage . On a side note: I don’t choose to drive slowly through a park because it’s illegal, I do it because we put people at risk who play there.

As important as a lone decision can be there are really no lone participants in the reaction to the decisions we make. In other words there is always a ripple to what we do or sometimes don’t do. We are all more intricately connected than we might consider.

A kind word spoken by one person can change a whole persons social structure, it diffuses tensions, connects others in a warm way, brings people together!

We here at Scrap Cars not Kids celebrate many awesome people who have chosen to dedicate their prime attention to the issues of Justice for little people and we certainly know that there are thousands of others who help in significant ways but don’t have such large public networks. Today we celebrate you for the hope you bring into this world… Thanks for what you do!