B CorporationI have my ear to the ground these days when it comes to what classifications are out there in regards to companies that exist for more than making a profit… Someone wisely phrased it “Not just for profit”.

One of the newest concepts to cross grace my search engine is what’s called the B Corp. It stands for Benefit Corporation and the best understanding I have to date about it is that it’s like a stamp of approval not much different than the Better Business Bureau for integrity in operations. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/02/02/canada-b-corps-benefit-corporations_n_1251383.html

As I educate myself about what is available it gives me a whole new network of relationships and at the end of the day, it really is who you know not always what you know.

I often encourage people to follow their dreams, and in these last few years I feel like I’ve finally taken the plunge on following mine.

When we’re a little further down the road of development I might even write a book about it… I love the thought of inspiring people like yourself and giving hope that you too can live your dreams.

Warmly Chris Wiens

You are responsible for maintaining your level of passion… Don’t let the tank get empty!