Global Local imageWe are over two years into this amazing journey of creating and running a charity aimed at fighting the issues of child exploitation. It’s been a great and sometimes troubling experience. At times I wish we didn’t know what we now see on a regular basis.

As time goes on we have come to realize to make a lasting difference in this issue needs both a local and global perspective. The fact is our global view is very local to the people over there… to be global one needs to start locally. We have been intentional with finding partner agencies that are attempting to work themselves out of the systems they create. Incremental changes to sustainable futures.

And then there’s the work going on right in our own back yards that can’t be ignored. In fact it was in this backyard that I noticed the problem in the first place. For ten years my wife Jane and I worked with teens and eventually founded a drop in center called “The Garage Student Ministries.”

These were good years… and did we ever get an education of what was really going on. The awareness factor hit the redline when we discovered the teens close to us were being pimped, recruited into gangs, beat up and kidnapped.

As we now look around our community we are certainly more aware of the potential risk and even temptations for young people… The lure of easy money… one of the greatest lies and often eaten bait of the young. So what do we do?

We are deeply concerned about the health of our communities and we want to help here too. Just the other day I met with a director of a youth shelter who educated me on how some of the teen girls are being sold right here in our community.

We feel very excited about our growing relationships, and obviously there are greater and lesser distances between some of these connections… and inspiring change in community is the seed of change the globe needs. So we continue to promote champions of healthy change.

Loving what we get to do.
Chris Wiens