Just Right RecyclingNames are all around us, from cars to cereal brands to our family members to practically everything around us at any given moment.

Some names give description or definition ~ when we say it’s a fridge ~ we all know what it is or at least what it does. Sometimes parents pick names for their children that have significant past representation or maybe a future destiny. The point is names are often windows into the intent or purpose of the designer.

In the creation stage of this enterprise called Just Right Recycling we gave considerable amount of thought to what we should call it. To be honest Scrap Cars not Kids came first as far as the name ~ and we considered that to be it for a while.

Then in time we realized that Scrap Cars not kids was better suited as a project name and we began trying to broaden the prospects of a specific descriptive title.

One day I arrived at the Falls household with my whiteboard and we began brainstorming names. We obviously knew that the whole direction of the enterprise was socially charged with combating exploitation issues of children but how do we bridge the recycling aspect in with the cause? It was a challenge ~ because unlike most businesses we had two purposes to blend, recycling and the welfare of children. (We also knew that being in the recycling industry holds a purpose of stewardship of the environment ~ so it also holds a go green purpose).

So after much deliberation the name highlighted for us. Just Right is a name for our business which exists for the purposes of Justice and doing Right, recycling is obviously the vehicle it uses to provide for the cause. It was simple and helps us communicate what we are doing.