Junk Revision imageRecently I’ve had the honour of helping a couple friends move, yes I say honour purposely because both these friends are salt of the earth kinda people.

As I was helping the most recent one clean up some left over stuff in the garage, I had a few epiphanies

First, No one means to collect stuff they don’t want, it just happens… We all gather some clutter over the years. The question is, when do we take the time to downsize and de clutter our lives? Much of the stuff we store away can be used by someone else without us noticing it’s gone… so the moral of the story is, give stuff away.

Secondly, all this stuff/junk was at onetime useful and needed. My wife Jane and I have been married seventeen years this next month. I sometimes like to look around the house and take inventory of what we still have from when we got married… gifts and such that we acquired in that first year of marriage. Surprisingly we have a good number of items that are still going strong, a toaster, garden hose, dishware, table and chairs and some camping gear.
I’ve begun to think of the expected lifespan of items we buy… just an interesting exercise.

Thirdly, Transitions cause a natural intersection of accessing clutter. I believe we are constantly in one form or another of transition… some abrupt and even unexpected and others slow and covert. Either way this movement in life provides us with the an opportunity to unload the stuff we don’t need.

There was an old saying we heard as kids in our family… “One mans junk is another mans treasure.” There are so many uses and reuses for things that we wouldn’t normally consider. For example, I’ve started to buy my Jam and other foods in jars that are the right size to reuse as cups. I know it might not look as appealing on the table but why think of that jar as garbage? It can be used for years as a good cup and then recycled.

Let’s steward our stuff well!