2016-01-12 15.55.59It’s no secret that I (Chris) love motorsports… in the truest sense I appreciate anything with wheels and engines. Growing up in a family of loggers and self taught mechanics it gave me a head start in understanding how machines/engines work and what it takes to make em go faster.

I have said to my wife (Jane) “So many motorsports not enough life!”

This year for Scrap Cars not Kids is turning out to be a benchmark year where I have had the freedom to blend my love for motorsport & charity. As I’ve written about earlier Jane and I are on a team for the Baja 500 raising funds and awareness for a youth garage project and then for this coming season we picked up a class sponsorship for Mission Raceway parks Street Legal Program.

I drag race a motorbike (Kawasaki ZX14R) almost every Friday night in the Street Legal program and when time and space allows I burn some rubber in an old Foxbody Mustang powered by a big block Ford.

This is the tow vehicle for the Motorbike this year… It was the first donated vehicle…. even before we had officially started.  🙂 Brian Falls 2016-03-17 10.19.32

My dream is to have race teams in a number of racing genres all operating to help raise awareness of the issues around child and youth exploitation and providing pit crew and mechanical experience to young people needing a healthy activity outlet.

Jane and I have had some initial experience with a program we called “The Garage Student Ministries” and it was one of the most quantifiable success we’ve ever had in helping kids.

Today I’m dreaming and exploring what we would like our future to look like and in that future I see high octane fueled charity!