GenerosityIt’s a fact that giving to non profits is declining and this sad reality is not reflective in anyway of the necessities that exist on so many levels. Some blame the decline issue on the economy and still others point fingers at the mistrust and lack of integrity in the non profit sector.

Whatever the issues we have a great idea to assist as a solution.

The world of fundraising for causes is changing as people like ourselves begin to think of new strategies around supporting organizations.

Here’s an example of an idea I think is changing the world, just take a look at their donation counter.

We are very new to this realm and have much to learn and I’m proud to announce we are nearing the $5000 mark of donations. It’s not much in comparison to sevenly yet we are positioning ourselves for the long haul and the more scrap metal we broker the more we can give.

Our primary beneficiary to date has been this amazing organization: Ratanak International