Quotes8So proud to be part of a community of people that see and do something about this travesty in our world.

Thanks to those law enforcement agencies both local and abroad who consider this type of activity a serious crime. See this story posted on CBC’s news feed about the first step in seeking justice and putting an end to some little boy or girls live nightmare.

There’s an anger that’s hard to describe that stirs within me over the thought of people who do things like this… yet the truth is… anger is the appropriate response but it doesn’t fix the problem.

I realize that the whole issue of exploiting children is a systemic problem that needs more than one solution but here’s an idea in the form of a brief story.

Last year around this time I (Chris) was working as a consultant on a remote construction site with mostly guys. One day I struck up a conversation with a fellow I had never met about some of our overseas trips… and without thinking I dove into an explanation about some of the champions in my life who are fighting human trafficking both locally and abroad.

He was obviously deeply moved and began to delve into a story about a friend of his who travels each year to South East Asia… when his buddy returned that year he began texting child porn to him. He was incensed and together with his wife they turned him and the evidence into the authorities.

This brief story models an idea perfectly… when you see or hear about child sex tourism… report it! The above story was still in process and unfortunately I didn’t have time to reconnect or get this co workers contact… but I’m glad he did something and the fact is… if more people did something this issue wouldn’t prevail!