Day of Activity for SCNKWe were honoured to be highlighted in a companies community open house event… that company is IronSide Design & Manufacturing.

They ran a little in house competition where their employees teamed up and each team had a time allowance of 3 hours and a budget of $150. Their challenge was to create a product that would sell at a silent auction and the proceeds went to Scrap Cars not Kids.

From 10-2 we were set up in Ironsides parking lot along with a local radio station 89.5 The Drive and numerous industrial suppliers where we were able to present our cause,build connections in the community and auction these items off.

These items were a range of things, like one group made some metal art roses and a vase… they had cool little red LED’s inside them.

Another Group made this log splitter, although the rumour was they blew the budget and the time allowance…

It was a great day and the last time I checked we were nearing $1000 dollars raised… Wow !!!!! So Inspired !