We are always looking for unique ways and areas to get involved with projects that create a better world for children and youth.

Early this year Scrap Cars not Kids was asked if we’d like to participate in one of the greatest possible scenarios. We get to help raise funds for the Mount of Olives Children’s Village in Uruapan Baja, Mexico… But here’s the kicker… it’s doing two things I (Chris Wiens) have been dreaming about for a long time.Chris and Jane Wright

First it’s raising money to build an automotive garage to help teach marketable skills to young people and secondly there is a member of the leadership that has put a team together to run the Baja 500 as a way to raise support and awareness. O and I almost forgot …. We (My wife Jane and I) were asked to join that team.


So details are still coming together but this is what we know right now. We are team driving a Class 11 Baja bug for roughly a third of the course. It is the SCORE Baja series which runs the 500 in the beginning of June. We need to raise $5000 for the Childrens Village Automotive Shop plus our costs of travel and our own safety gear.

I am over the moon excited about this on so many levels and as more details come together I can’t wait to share.

Here’s a link to our go fund me page gofund.me/xcnr3kr8